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Natural spectacles

Saalachtal Natural Wonders

Gorges & Cave

In Salzburg’s Saalachtal, at the foot of the two Loferer mountain ranges and the Leogang Mountains as well as at the foothills of Steinernes Meer, nature has created one of Europe’s largest cave systems within a very small area. Only two kilometres apart you’ll find the three extraordinary natural landmarks Vorderkaser Gorge, Seisenberg Gorge and Lamprecht’s Cave– more commonly known as the "Saalachtal Natural Wonders".

Here you can experience pristine nature. Bizarrely shaped rocks, thundering waterfalls and natural swimming ponds impress young and old in the three spectacles of nature.

Vorderkaser Gorge:

The gorge is 400 metres long, 80 metres deep, up to 6 metres wide on top and 80 centimetres narrow at the bottom The impressive trail through the gorge leads across 51 footbridges and 35 stairways with a total of 373 steps. At the entrance to the gorge you’ll find a nice snack station. Along the river course you’ll find various natural swimming ponds with rafts, suspension bridges and more.

Seisenberg Gorge:

Seisenberg Gorge located in Weissbach bei Lofer was formed some 12,000 years ago at the end of the last ice age. In the year 1831, woodcutters cut a trail through the 600-metre-long gorge. Today, visitors can enjoy this impressive natural landmark from safe and convenient footbridges. The walk takes around an hour and is a great outing for young and old. As a gateway to "Naturepark Weissbach", Seisenberg Gorge makes for an ideal starting point for numerous hikes.

Lamprecht’s Cave

Lamprecht’s Cave spans for more than 51 kilometres, forming one of Europe’s largest cave systems. In 1993, Polish cave explorers discovered another entry at 2,178 metres. This makes Lamprecht’s Cave the biggest through cave in the world.

In the section of the cave developed as a showcase for visitors, you can walk into the mountain for some 700 metres on beautiful and easily walkable stairways. In the process, you’ll negotiate 70 metres difference in altitude. Worth seeing!

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