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Natural toboggan runs

Tobogganing / sledding 

Fun for the whole family

Tobogganing - or sledding - is great fun that you can enjoy by yourself as well as with the whole family or friends. No matter how, it’s always great fun! 

Who is the fastest at the start? Who overtakes the most fellow toboggans? Who falls off the most often? Who is first to finish? 

But when tobogganing you can also glide into the valley slowly and use the viewpoints - a look into the nature of the Pinzgau alpine world is a true blessing. 

Here in Salzburg’s Saalachtal you can enjoy tobogganing on no less than three natural toboggan runs:

  • Toboggan run Maria Kirchental:
    This 2.1 km long, romantic toboggan run is torchlit every Tuesday from 20:00.
  • Toboggan run Hochalm in Unken:
    Open daily. Every Friday at 20:45 there is a torchlit hike with a tobogganing and mulled wine party.
  • Toboggan run Weißbach:
    The 1.8 km long toboggan run is floodlit daily until midnight. Every Friday there is a traditional evening with live music in Gasthof Oberweissbach Inn.

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