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Since time immemorial . . .

Tradition & Customs 

in winter and spring

Tradition and customs in winter and spring are very multifaceted in the mountains. From peaceful times such as Advent and Christmas to merry celebrations for New Year or Easter to rough and noisy customs with incubuses and traditional pagans, here you’ll find it all during these months. Here a small sample of the customs:

St Nicholas / Krampus runs:  On 5 December, the Krampuses (devils with fur, horns and rods) roam through all villages. On the next day, 6 December, they can then be seen with the St Nicolas knocking on doors and at the village square.

Christmas markets:  Markets with handicrafts, food and drink, Christmas music and children’s performances in the towns and villages in Saalachtal.

Christmas period:  Nativity scenes, Christmas markets and religious services on Christmas Eve set the right mood for this peaceful time of year.

Turn of the year:  Parties, balls and concerts make for an active New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day.

Traditional carolling - The Three Kings:  Children dressed up as the “Three Kings” walk from house to house to collect alms for the world’s poor.

Perchten run:  The “nice-Perchten“ and the “nasty-Perchten“ make winter retreat with much noise.

Easter – Palm Sunday:  Children go to church with decorated sticks to have them blessed.


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