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Customs & tradition 

in summer and autumn 

Should you be interested in customs and traditions in your holiday region, you have come to the right place in Lofer in Salzburg’s Saalachtal. Here in Saalachtal, traditions and customs are still alive! As the towns and villages in Salzburg’s Saalachtal look back on a peasant origin, the traditional peasant year has set dates for many events and celebrations. Here is an excerpt of the celebrations in the region:

Summer solstice:  Summer solstice is celebrated in June, with hundreds of fires being lit on the mountains. A fascinating spectacle.  

May pole festival: On 1 May, a May pole adorned with garlands is erected. In Austria, this day is a feast day and duly celebrated.

Corpus Christi: A religious festival in June, celebrated with a procession featuring First Communion children and local associations.

Consecration of produce: On the day before 15 August, bunches made up of 7 - 9 different herbs are tied into a bouquet and consecrated on the next day. This is then partly burnt in the house, partly placed in the attic – as protection – and put up in the fields by farmers – also as protection.

Thanksgiving: This is a religious celebration in autumn, during which the rural youth bind a “harvest crown” as thank you for a good harvest. A true experience!

Farmers' Autumn: It’s the time of reaping the harvest, the time of festivals, of encounters and enjoyment. In the period from the end of August until the start of November, more than 200 different events are held in the Salzburg towns and villages.  


These are just some of the festivals and celebrations during the warmer months in Salzburg’s Saalachtal. Simply come to us in Hotel “Zum Schweizer”, the perfect base for your outings and excursions.

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