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Natural health

TEH - Traditional European Healing arts

In Unken near Lofer 

The neighbouring village of Unken is where interest in old traditional healing arts began in the region. This interest led to the establishment of an association in 2007, which by now is internationally recognised and also represented, and is listed as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.  

On your holidays we recommend you visit the shop in Unken at the border crossing. The attached show garden and healing herbs trail are also highly interesting. Maybe you’ll even want to attend a lecture or seminar?

“Traditional European healing arts“ is the application of traditional healing knowledge with the help of nature. It can be used to supplement conventional medicine with products from nature and support the healing of body and mind.
The “TEH® Association” compiles and documents this old, regional healing knowledge, in order to make it available to the general public. Thus, at the TEH-Association in Unken (in the old customs office at Steinpass) you can purchase natural remedies, cosmetics, herbal products, mechanical arts and and books of reference. You can also learn this traditional, regional healing knowledge yourself in form of courses, lectures, seminars and workshops – for your personal benefit when on holidays in Lofer.

All products of the TEH-Association are organically produced. The most important natural remedies in Salzburg’s Saalachtal are resins, onions, pork lard, honey, vinegar, arnica, spruce, clay, marigold, St. John's wort, milk, potatoes, elder, water, hay flowers, radish, beer, oats, plantain, yarrow, birch, nettle, garlic, eggs, fern, houseleek and juniper.

In March 2010, the “healing knowledge of Pinzgau locals” was included in the national list of intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO. This also illustrates the commitment on part of UNESCO with regard to traditional Austrian medicine and healing arts. Apart from the centuries-old and demonstrably effective use of old home remedies the involvement of UNESCO is also aimed at dispelling any reservations against traditional home remedies, which after the Second World War gained a reputation as “paupers’ medicine”.

Lutzgut organic farm in Unken, as part of the TEH project, opened a show garden, healing herbs trail and a cider tavern. On idyllically located Sonnberg in Unken, visitors will find a unique path past rare wild herbs and organically cultivated healing plants. And then they enjoy culinary delights in the cider tavern.

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