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Hiking holidays in Lofer 

Experiencing & enjoying nature in Saalachtal 

You like hiking through nature? Experience the fauna and flora and enjoy the healthy mountain air? Then you’ve come to the right place here in our Hotel "Zum Schweizer" in Lofer. From easy family hikes in the valley and alpine pasture hikes to summit ascents and all the way to alpine hikes, you’ll find it all in Lofer and the region. 

Apart from the Loferer Mountains the Reither Mountains, the Leogang Mountains, the Steinernes Meer, the Waidringer Alps and the Hochkönig-Massif, countless options are available for hiking and mountain tours in the area around Lofer. 

As we ourselves enjoy hiking through nature, we have plenty of additional suggestions to recommend for hiking tours of various distances during your hiking holidays. 

Below you’ll find some recommendations for scenic hikes in Salzburg’s Saalachtal, which can also be enjoyed with the whole family:



For the 4.5 km long Hochmoos-circuit, children and parents set off on their hike in the centre of Lofer and then hike a section of Salzburg’s Saalachtal. The route leads from Hotel "Zum Schweizer" past Steinbergbad outdoor pool, where you turn left and then across the state road after some 200 m.

From here the family hike continues in direction of Mitterweg and past Gasthof Hochmoos Inn and the moor bath, respectively. Here begins the Moosweg trail, which takes parents and children back to the state road. After the crossing, the hike leads through the Grubhof settlement at St Martin all the way to Grubhofsteg, which must be passed to then continue leisurely downriver to Donach meadow and into the district of Schneffsnoth. Here a wonderful landscape awaits all hikers, surrounded by a fascinating mountain backdrop. At Hubertussteg footbridge, the route then continues in direction of Lofer back to the starting point for the hike.

  • Walking time: ca. 2 - 2 1/2 hours

  • Distance: 4.5 km

From Scheffsnoth to Au along Triftsteig path

From Lofer town through Bairaupark to Teufelssteg footbridge. Turn right immediately after the bridge. Wonderful romantic hike through Saalach Gorge. At Auerbrücke bridge turn left to the Pulvererbauer and continue to beautiful Auerkapelle Chapel (beautiful scene) through the small village of Au (Inn) and along the meadow path again to Scheffsnoth.

  • Walking time: ca. 2 hours

Auer Circuit

Lofer - Teufelssteg - Bairau - Bairauerweg - Au (food & drink available) - Auer Kircherl - back along Wahpointweg to Scheffsnoth - Hubertussteg footbridge - Lofer

  • Walking time: ca. 2.5 hours

  • Distance: 7.1 km

Loferer Alm Circuit- circular hiking trail

Wonderful family hiking trail, negotiating some 400 m difference in altitude. The trail leads along thundering waterfalls and rock pools, with 12 interactive stations "Auf die Alm" making the trail exciting for children, too. Take the Almbahn I lift for a quick and easy way up and then hike along the waterfall trail up to Loferer Alm back across the Nachbaralm to Loderbichl - free with your Saalachtal Summercard!

  • Walking time: ca. 2.5 hours

  • Distance: 7 km

Lofer - Tiroler Trail - Maria Kirchental - Wechsel - Salzburger Trail - Karolinenweg - Lofer

From Hotel "Zum Schweizer" to St. Martin we take the Tiroler Steig (Trail No. 72) to the pilgrimage site Maria Kirchental. Past the church on the left into the forest, turning right at the fork (Trail No. 71) up to the "Wechsel". Here begins the Salzburger Steig, initially leading steeply downhill in direction ofLoferer Hochtal. We get to the Karolinenweg (Trail No. 70), follow it uphill to the right and then get to a wide forest road. On this downhill to Rauchenbergstrasse road and then to Hochmoos and on to Hotel "Zum Schweizer".

Lofer - Kematsteinalm - Jochingalm - Hundalm - Leimbichlgräben - Sonnseithirschbichl - Wildenbach Gorge - St. Martin - Lofer

This tour for the most part leads along the long-distance hiking trail No. 401A. From Lofer to Teufelssteg footbridge, via Bairau, Hausstaller, Kienbergweg to Melkstattstraße, along Klausbach River. Steeply uphill to the left via Kematenstein to Jochingalm. Along the path on the east side of Hundhorn Mountain we get to Hundalm, while enjoying wonderful views of the the south faces of Reiter Alpe. We follow the waymarks across the alpine pasture to Migglkaser and then into the forest. Gently downhill, the path leads into the scenically romantic Leimbichlgräben. Approximately halfway we turn right across the alpine meadow out to the Leimbichlbauer.

On the sealed road via Sonnseithirschbichl (Trail No. 23) downhill (shortcut at a hairpin bend) in direction of Wildental. From Wildentalstrasse road we turn left into Wildenbach Gorge and hike along Saalach River (Trail No. 401) to St. Martin.

  • Walking time: ca. 7 hours

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