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Watersports in Salzburg’s Saalachtal 

Action, Adrenaline & More 

Whitewater to your hearts content! Accompanied by an experienced and qualified rafting guide, immerse yourself into the adventurous world of whitewater. Past impressive rock formations and thundering waterfalls, the team heads downriver. Tours are available in all difficulty levels. This allows everyone, depending on their preference and courage, to experience the full power of water up close!

Apart from rafting, there are various other options for making use of and getting familiar with the power, strength and energy of white water in Salzburg’s Saalachtal - watersports for young and old:

  • Canyoning – a unique and spectacular combination of white water and rock
  • Tubing – armed with a paddle and a tube, experience a completely new form of whitewater adventure
  • Kayak – The supreme discipline of whitewater sports
  • Canoe – Those who like a sporting challenge opt for the double canoe

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