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Here are some recommendations for a selection of beautiful hikes through the Salzburg Saalachtal valley - perfect for enjoying together as a family. We can inform you about several more (longer or shorter) hikes at the hotel.

Hochmoos circuit

On the 4.5 km Hochmoos circuit, parents and children start their hike in the centre of Lofer and pass through part of the Salzburg Saalachtal valley. The path leads past the Gasthof Schweizerwirt to the Steinbergbad, where you turn left and, after approx. 200 m, cross the main road.

From here, the family hike heads towards Mitterweg, passing the Gasthof Hochmoos and Moorbad along the way. This is where the Moosweg begins - this takes parents and children back to the main road. After crossing the road, the route passes through the Grubhof settlement near St. Martin before reaching Grubhofsteg. Passing through Grubhofsteg, the path continues downriver to Donachau in the Schneffsnoth district. Hikers are welcomed by magnificent landscapes surrounded by a beautiful mountain backdrop. From Hubertussteg, the route then heads back towards Lofer and the starting point of the hike.

  • Duration: approx. 2 - 2.5 hours
  • Distance: 4.5 km


From Lofer through the Bairaupark to Teufelssteg. Turn right after the bridge. Wonderful, romantic hike through the Saalachschlucht gorge. At the Au bridge, turn left towards Pulvererbauer and carry on past the Au chapel (great photo opportunity) and through the small village of Au (there is a restaurant here), then follow the meadow path to Scheffsnoth.

  • Duration: approx. 2 hours


Lofer - Teufelssteg - Bairau - Bairauerweg - Au (restaurants available) - Auer Kircherl - return via Wahpointweg to Scheffsnoth - Hubertussteg - Lofer

  • Duration: approx. 2.5 hours
  • Distance: 7.1 km


Beautiful family hiking trail with a change in altitude of 400 metres. The path leads path roaring waterfalls and pools, where 12 “Auf die Alm” adventure stations make the journey more exciting for children. Head up to the starting point quickly and easily in the Almbahn I gondola, then follow the waterfall trail over the Loferer Alm and cross the neighbouring pasture to reach Loderbichl - free with your Saalachtal summer card, by the way!

  • Duration: approx. 2.5 hours
  • Distance: 7 km

Lofer – Tiroler Steig – Maria Kirchental – Wechsel – Salzburger Steig – Karolinenweg – Lofer

Take the Tiroler Steig (route no.72) from the Gasthaus Schweizer to St. Martin and the pilgrim’s destination of Maria Kirchental. At the church, turn left into the forest, and at the fork in the path, turn right (route no. 71) to Wechsel. This is the beginning of the “Salzburger Steig” towards Loferer Hochtal, which descends steeply in parts. Upon reaching the Karolinenweg (route no. 70), follow it to the right up the hill until you reach a broad forest path. Follow this downhill towards Rauchenbergstraße and Hochmoos, and carry on until your reach the Gasthof Schweizer.

  • Duration: approx. 3 hours

Lofer – Kematsteinalm – Jochingalm – Hundalm – Leimbichlgräben – Sonnseithirschbichl – Wildenbachschlucht – St. Martin - Lofer

Most of this route follows the path of the long distance route no. 401A. From Lofer to Teufelssteg, via Bairau, Hausstaller, Kienbergweg to Melkstattstraße, along the banks of the Klausbach. On the left, a steep climb via Kematenstein to Jochingalm. Follow the trail along the east side of the Hundhorn, and enjoy the magnificent views which accompany you as you reach the southern side of the Reiter Alps and Hundalm. Continue along the path crossing the meadow until you reach Migglkaser, and head into the forest. The path leads gently downhill to the beautifully romantic Leimbichlgräben. About halfway, turn right and cross the meadow up to Leimbichlbauer

Follow the asphalted road via Sonnseithirschbichl (route no. 23) downhill towards Wildental (short cut at the turn). From Wildentalstraße, turn left into the Wildenbachschlucht gorge, and follow the banks of the Saalach (route no. 401) to St. Martin.

  • Duration: approx. 7 hours




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